Hello from Croatia!!!

Hello everybody!!

My name is Hrvoje and I am writing you from town called Zadar in Croatia.
I am 35 year old and in possesion of 1978 T2 1600cm3 known as « Bajadera »(Bajadera is famous croatian chocolate :grin: ). I am in VW aircooled world for a last 13 years and in that time I had 4 beetles but since my family started to grow up(I have a 2 sons age 7 & 3,5 ) I had to sell the beetles and then buy a « combi ».Beside a my T2 I also have and 1972 VW Variant-L at the moment.
That is all for now… :sunglasses:

P.S: Sorry about my poor english but I hope that you can understand me… :sunglasses:

hi bajadera,

you’re very welcome here !!!

please show us pics from you’re bus at

« vos campers »,

and see you on road :wink:


hi, welcome here
nice to see that the forum is international :sunglasses:

please show us your bus… :wink:

Hey !!! Very welcome with us :wink:

make a lot of pictures of you bus :grin: we love it so much

Philcox 09

Thank you very much on a nice welcome. I have been watching this forum for almost 1/2 year now(using « google translator » :roll_eyes: ) and now I have decided to join you.I really like this forum especially « vos voyages » :grin: :sunglasses:

Ok,but you cant dicert you "voyages " to ? :grin:

Philcox 09