mon single cabine 76

salut…French cart gris , rhd anglaise singlecab…

on site…

WELCOME on board !!

here is a real worker pick up !!!

you know how to lower it easyly :smiley:

Welcome on this forum!
Nice van, and still doing its purpose - workhorse, isn’t it?
Strange to see a RHD on our roads, where do you live? Do you have more on the history of the van?

j`habit Saintes 17 ,merci pour the anglaise…

The van worked on a farm in Norfolk it was a one owner when I bought it ,it got mot`d for the last 15 years by the same man on the last year he told the farmer he could not pass it any longer ,the corrosion was to bad ,then I bought it…I have a ruin in France , I though it would be a good idea to buy a pick up to help me…

It has lots of history…

This was a few rusty bits

I am very much into vws and have more vans… :smiley:

Thanks for the welcome… :sunglasses:

Great story, hopefully the « Contrôle Technique » here will be easier than the MOT - and cheaper I believe!

Believe it or not it has a ct and passed first time ,I have to still go every year I think because it is a commercial…

Same ct station , my other bay got 2 years…

This one is French… :grin:

a 69 bus, cooool :sunglasses:


a 68 bus , isn’t it ?

I think it’s a 69 model/year :wink:

oui 69 ,how did you know?

this was project expanding foam [the 69 was green ]

Not just foam last years calender… :laughing:


salut… :stuck_out_tongue:

mon pickup still working…

sadly the 69 vendu ,after holiday in pyraneese

but i bought something else… :wink:

Houaaa je prends des cours d’anglais, cool :wink:

Hi dandaz,

Welcome on board :wink: , very nice vans !!! It’s really nice to see a pick-up used in its primary function. Is not too difficult to drive with heavy loads ? Engine ?
It’s a pity that you sold your 69, painting (yellow/white) was done by yourself ? full retstoration or not ?
You told in your last message that you bought something else but what ?

See you :wink:

yes, it’s a crime to sell a 69 :grin:
hope your new ride is as pretty as was the 69… :wink:

yes, we all have to improve our English :laughing:

Hi Dandaz

Welcome to the forum of the campers; I hope that you will find that you have come seeking and many others more. :smiley:
Please complete your profile (city and Department in the user control panel), it is a courtesy that we appreciate.


Nice single cab !

your english is better than mon French… :laughing:

je achetez this [defo not as pretty]

Built the garage thing too low… :laughing:

The pickup has a twinport 1600 and pulls like a train

unfortunately that truck broke my back axle… :roll_eyes:

Dehler is top for camping, but I can’t say any t3 is as pretty as a t2a :open_mouth:

it miss me a pick-up, very useful for working … :sunglasses:

Some more pictures of the singlecab…

google earth