Mon rouge kombi du '76

Hello everybody bay’s lovers!!

I’m 17 years old and I write from Sesto Fiorentino, near Florence!!

It belonged to a fire departement of a little village in Trentino Alto Adige (Smarano…search it ), then to an other guy and so to me!!

It has a typ4 engine (2000cc CJ) that is very rare in Italy, the air conditioning sistem that is very rare in Italy and other particulars not very commune

Sorry for my poor english, I hope you understand me!!


Menton '09

image introuvable

Bonjour Toscana, tu veux bien nous écrire en Français ,ce sera plus simple :wink:

Merci pour les photos ,et bienvenue

Philcox 09


nice bus !!!
my english is not good but my italian is not good too :grin:

this forum is international !!!

bye bye


nice bibi :grin:

your english is as good as mine so it’s perfect :wink:

can you detail your m plate?, I’m curious about your fire bus options :grin:

you can decrypt it here:

decrypting my mplate is not very simple becouse the mcode plate is under the air conditionig sistem :thinking:

:grin: :grin:

make contortions or use a digital camera :grin:

I’ll try :grin: :grin: :grin: